Why does hearing loss increase the risk of falls in older adults? (Slideshow)

Did you know that older adults with hearing loss are 3 times more likely to fall? In this week’s slideshow article, we explore the reasons why.

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Slide 1: Why does hearing loss increase the risk of falls in older adults?
Slide 2: 1 in 3 adults, above the age of 65 fall down each year.
Slide 3: It is the leading cause of injury in older adults.
Slide 4: These falls often result in: broken bones, brain injury, hospitalization, death.
Slide 5: The fear of falling causes embarrassment and anxiety.
Slide 6: Older adults may limit going out or social activities because of the fear of falling.
Slide 7: Scientists have discovered that older adults fall more often due: walking and balance issues, mobility impairment, vision problems, urinary incontinence, cognitive decline and anxiety
Slide 8: …and hearing loss
Slide 9: Having a hearing loss increases the risk of falling by as much as 3 times.
Slide 10: Here are some of the reasons why:
Slide 11: Hearing loss makes people less aware of their environment.
Slide 12: Hearing loss makes it more difficult to gauge the location of sounds.
Slide 13: Hearing loss requires the brain to focus harder on hearing speech and other sounds so a person will be less aware of his or her surroundings.
Slide 14: Unfortunately hearing loss is often untreated in older adults.
Slide 15: Even with hearing aids, many older adults only wear hearing aids outside and not at home.
Slide 16: While medical professionals will warn older adults of the risks of hearing loss, family members play an important role too.
Slide 17: Treating hearing loss reduces the risk of falls in older adult.

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