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Hearing Aid Batteries

It is currently the largest and most up-to-date hearing aid battery production company in the world. And the only company to provide a complete range of rechargeable hearing aid batteries in addition to conventional disposable hearing aid batteries.

Power ONE Zinc air batteries

Power one mercury-free hearing aid batteries have a unique, patented housing coating that gives every cell the highest reliability and high power.

Size 10 hearing aid battery yellow

Size 10 batteries
Colour code: Yellow
Uses: IIC, CIC, mini RIC, RITE hearing aids
Dimensions: 5.8 mm (L) x 3.6 mm (H)
Lifespan: 2-5 days

Size 312 hearing aid battery brown

Size 312 batteries
Colour code: Brown
Uses: ITC, ITE, RIC, RITE, mini BTE hearing aids
Dimensions: 7.8 mm (L) x 3.6 mm (H)
Lifespan: 6-10 days

Size 13 hearing aid battery orange

Size 13 batteries
Colour code: Orange
Uses: ITE, RIC, RITE, BTE hearing aids
Dimensions: 7.8 mm (L) x 5.4 mm (H)
Lifespan: 6-14 days

Size 675 hearing aid battery blue

Size 675 batteries
Colour code: Blue
Uses: Power BTE hearing aids, Power BAHA
Dimensions: 11.6 mm (L) x 5.4 mm (H)
Lifespan: 9-18 days