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7th Generation Hearing Aid Models (Released in Singapore 2020)

Phonak Audéo Paradise Rechargeable (Switzerland)

Category: Bluetooth, Rechargeable hearing aids

• New PRISM processing chip
• New Autosense 4.0, APD 2.0
• New Motion Sensor Hearing
• New Bluetooth features: Tap control & 8 Bluetooth pairings
• Super quick charging (3 hr charge > 24 hr usage)
• IP68 (Dust & water-resistant)
• Online remote hearing aid programming available
• 7 different colours

Resound ONE M&RIE (Denmark)

Category: Bluetooth, Rechargeable hearing aids

• Triple-Microphone Hearing Aid
• Made-For-iPhone (MFi)
• Android streaming via ASHA
• New C6 Chip Platform
• IP68 (Dust & water resistant)
• Online remote hearing aid programming available
• 8 different colours

6th Generation Hearing Aid models (Released in Singapore 2018-2019)

Phonak Audéo Marvel Rechargeable (Switzerland)

Category: Bluetooth, Rechargeable hearing aids

• Bluetooth Classic & Low Energy Bluetooth
• Exceptional sound quality
• Only hearing aid which allows true hands-free phone calls
• Super quick charging (3 hr charge > 24 hr usage)
• IP68 (Dust & water-resistant)
• 9 different colours

Resound LiNX Quattro (Denmark)

Category: Bluetooth, Rechargeable hearing aids

• Made-for-iPhone hearing aids
• Latest technology platform by Resound
• Clear, full sound quality up to 9.5kHz
• IP58 (Dust & water resistant)
• Online remote hearing aid programming available
• 14 different colours

Other best selling hearing aids

Phonak Audéo Belong Rechargeable

Category: Rechargeable hearing aids 5th generation technology platform by Phonak. Designed for mild to severe hearing losses.

Phonak Audéo Marvel 312

Category: Bluetooth, Disposable batteries 6th generation technology platform. True Bluetooth wireless headset with its built-in microphones for phone calls.

Phonak Virto™ B-Titanium (Premium)

Category: Customised, Disposable battery hearing aid The world’s first mainstream custom titanium hearing aid, Winner of two international awards: the 2018 Red Dot and Gold Stevie® Award

ReSound Mic-in-Helix

Category: Customised, bluetooth, disposable batteries hearing aids MIH is a unique solution which only ReSound offers. MIH was designed to provide the most natural sound quality and collects sound in the most efficient ways using your own ears.

Resound Linx 3D

Category: Bluetooth, disposable battery hearing aid. 5th generation technology platform. Reliable quality hearing aid with iPhone connectivity that allows streaming of calls, music and virtual audiology assistance.

Best selling Assistive Listening Devices

Phonak DECT

Cordless phone automatically transmits calls to hearing aids. Popular among families

Roger™ Pen

Winner of IF & German Design award 2016 & 2017. Handy versatile microphone for listening over distance and in noise and features Bluetooth® connectivity.

ReSound Multi Mic

Extends listening range from up to 25 meters (80 feet) away

PerfectDry LUX dryer

Forced-air fan & UV light. Powered by AC adapter or USB connection, 30 minute drying cycle

Best selling Ear Plugs

Hi-fidelity Musician Earplugs

Suitable for: Musicians / Sound crews / DJ’s / Bands / Orchestras / Concert Goers / Night club staff and patrons

Work-Safe Noise Plugs

Suitable for industrial workers, builders, construction workers, military / aircraft operators and loud concert goers.

Splash-Free Swim Plugs

Suitable for: Swimmers / Surfers / Those with a history of ear infections / Anyone with ruptured eardrums

True-Wireless Earbuds

Suitable for: iPod users / Security Guards /Newsreaders / Theatre personnel / Motor Sports

Hearing Aid & Cochlear Implant Batteries

Varta powerONE Zinc Air Batteries

Power one mercury-free hearing aid batteries, comes in Size 10 (Yellow), Size 13 (orange), Size 312 (brown), Size 675 (blue).

Varta powerOne implant plus Zinc Air Batteries

Power One Implant Plus is the market leader for cochlear implant batteries. These batteries are especially durable battery and able to meet the high energy demands of a cochlear implant sound processor

Cochlear Power and Battery Accessories

Nucleus standard battery, compact battery and Nuclear battery charger.

Phonak Charging Stations and accessories

Phonak Charger Case, Phonak Power Pack, Phonak Mini Charger Case, Phonak Mini Charger