Customised ear plugs
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Biopor AB Ear Plugs

Our ear plugs are made with Biopor AB: a bio-compatible and addition-vulcanising silicone. This ensures that our ear plugs are skin-safe, tear-proof and resistant to breakdown over time.

Variety of Styles

Our ear plugs are customised according to each individual’s ear for maximum retention and comfort.

Different Softness and Colour Options

We offer 3 levels of softness (extra soft, medium soft and tough elastic) and 18 colour options.

Our Ear Plug Products

Quiet-Now Sleep Plugs
Reduces sound by up to 33 decibels for a quiet and comfortable sleep. Also suitable for studying or traveling on an airplane or train.

(SGD 60/piece)

Work-Safe Noise Plugs
Reduces sound by up to 40 decibels to protect hearing against environmental work noise. Suitable for industrial workers, construction workers, military and aircraft operators.

(SGD 70/piece)

Hearsavers Hi-fidelity Musician Plugs
Hi-fidelity acoustic filters are built into the ear plugs to reduce sound dosage without compromising on speech and music quality. Available in 3 filters types (-10 dB, -15 dB and -25 dB).

(SGD 150/piece)

Splash-Free Swim Plugs
Floatable earplugs protects ears from water and infection by keeping ears dry while in the shower, pool or ocean.

(SGD52/piece for matt finish)
(SGD 70/piece for gloss finish)

True-Clarity In-Ear Monitors
Customized according to the individual’s existing in-ear headphones such as Air Pods. Reduces the outside noise while providing crystal clear sound and voices directly into the ear.

(SGD 150/piece)

Hearing Aid Earmoulds
We offer a wide range of earmoulds for existing hearing aid users.


(Price subjected to hearing aid brand & model)

How to order

To place a customised ear plug order, you will have to get an ear impression done at our centre. Our audiologist will do a quick inspection of your ear before putting in medical grade putty. Once the putty is put in, it will take 3 minutes for the putty to harden and retain its shape. The hardened putty is then taken out and sent to the factory.

The completed ear plugs will be ready within 3-5 working days for collection.