When Do You Need a Hearing Aid?

Hearing issues are a common health condition that takes place unexpectedly or progressively over time and isn’t just something the aged experience. So, don’t be alarmed if you realise that your hearing has begun to decline, even at an early age. This is why going for regular hearing tests is more important than most young Singaporeans might think!

This is because hearing loss can be caused by a range of things. There is sound-induced hearing loss, age-related hearing loss, and hearing loss that comes as an effect of tinnitus or as a sign of harmful ototoxic medication.
Irrespective of the cause, progressive hearing loss can be a complicated thing to handle. diagnosing your hearing problem is just half of the fight. Unless you’re attentive with regular hearing tests, it can be hard to tell if your hearing is degenerating. Additionally, hearing tests are what help you determine the rapidity of the onset of hearing loss.

You might have noticed various changes in your hearing abilities and warning signs that might be connected to hearing loss. This article outlines some of the things you might be experiencing and should be looking out for.
The first thing you need to do if you ever feel that you have a hearing loss, get a hearing test in Singapore. Because hearing loss can be challenging to detect, here are some few signs that will help you know if you need a hearing aid in Singapore or not.

Other people complaining about volume levels

Whether you are listening to music, talking on the telephone or watching television, if you find that you’ve steadily had to increase the volume settings on your devices, you might be developing hearing loss! Some individuals tend to be more sensitive to hearing, but when many people tell you a similar thing in different situations, there is a possibility that you have started developing hearing loss. Therefore, if your family and friends have raised the concern that you talk too loud or that your music and TV volume selection is too high, it is time for you to get a hearing test done.

You have difficulties listening in crowds

One of the common symptoms that you have hearing loss is when you find it hard to follow a conversation in a large group. If you realize that you are having difficulties differentiating who is talking to you when you’re in a noisy setting, the possibility is that you are in the preliminary phase of hearing loss.
You find it hard to understand what people say

When hearing loss starts occurring, you will realize that you have difficulties in understanding what other people tell you. It may be tricky for some to tell if this is because their hearing loss is progressively worsening, or if they’re simply encountering someone who is muttering. However, if you often struggle to decipher and fully understand what people are saying, especially if others around you do not struggle to hear it, you should arrange for a hearing test as your hearing could be progressively worsening.

When “WHAT” becomes your catchphrase during a conversation

Having to ask someone to continuously repeat a statement can become embarrassing for you and the person you’re speaking to. It is for the same reasons that individuals with hearing loss always resort to nodding and smiling while people are communicating, even when they’re not understanding the conversation. So if you find this happening to you often, you should take it as a warning sign of hearing loss.


While tinnitus might not be a symptom of hearing loss, the two have some connections, especially if the hearing impairment is related to noise damage. If you’ve noticed a reoccuring ringing sound, it is highly recommended that you consult a hearing care practitioner.

This is actually something relatively common amongst Singaporeans, and it is advisable for you to take a hearing test if this is something that happens to you rather frequently. If you are suffering from hearing loss, research indicates that some of the best hearing aids on the market can relieve your tinnitus and improve your hearing abilities.

When you are forced to use a phone’s speaker to hear a conversation well

Bear in mind that all hearing loss is not equal. The inner cells of the ear don’t interact with each other even though they are connected to the mouth, vestibular system, throat, and mouth. So, this means that there might be a varying level of hearing in the two ears. But, how can you know that one ear is suffering from more hearing loss than another ear?

In this case, it is vital to observe your habit as a significant indicator. You might find yourself switching between the ears since the ability to heat in one tends to be better than the other. In this case, the difference may be so frustrating for you that you switch to speaker mode in order to get an overall clearer hearing experience. If you’ve been experiencing this for a while, a hearing aid might be an ideal solution. Your audiologist will determine if you need a hearing aid to assist you with these sorts of daily tasks.

How To Identify Hearing Loss

These are just a list of the more common ways to tell that you may be suffering from hearing loss. But if you personally are concerned about your hearing and have not seen a symptom that relates to your circumstance, we still advise that you arrange for a hearing test as soon as possible!

If you are experiencing hearing loss in both ears, there is a huge benefit in using the hearing aid in both ears. Many hearing aids on the market these days work together to allow you to understand speech even with background noise! As we mentioned earlier, Tinnitus in Singapore is more common than many thinks, so being more conscious of these signs and symptoms is extremely important!

So young or old you should arrange for a hearing test in Singapore just to get a clear understanding of your state of hearing. A hearing care professional will be able to help you definitively determine the kind of treatment you may need for your hearing loss and even help you find the best hearing aid for your unique situation!