What Makes Us


Our primary mission is to provide effective hearing solutions to hearing loss and tinnitus individuals with the best medical expertise and hearing aid technology. We believe the best hearing outcomes are only achieved when an individual is given dignity, respect and is empowered to make decisions about his or her own health.

We provide unrushed consultation sessions and ample time for each patient to address all concerns as we guide them through the treatment options available.

We designate one audiologist to each patient for personalized care. This ensures continuity of care and the development of an effective personalized treatment plan. We also believe a familiar face increases patient comfort and satisfaction.

We specialise in family-oriented consultations. We recognise the importance of family support and encourage their involvement in our patients’ decision-making and treatment process.

We have partnerships with both government and private hospitals. Patients of all backgrounds and requirements have immediate access to a network of medical professionals.

We have a proven track record for tinnitus and hyperacusis. Our expertise and customized therapy programs allow us to effectively reduce tinnitus and hyperacusis over time.

Our Quality


Anywhere- care access

Our hearing aids and equipment are telemedicine- enabled allowing patient access to our care no matter where they are in the world.

Fully accredited and registered

We are members of the Singapore Audiology Professionals Society and British Audiology Association.

Hearing aids with quality standards

We only use hearing aids supplied by reputable manufacturers that are approved by HSA, FDA and bear the CE mark.

Continuous training and re-evaluation of medical protocol

We are always upgrading ourselves, so our patients get the best and most up-to-date treatment.

Unbiased advice

We are independently owned and unaffiliated to any hearing aid brand or hospital.

Complete aftercare and support

Emergency mobile hotline allows 24/7 care.

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