Picking the Best Hearing Aid for Your Needs

According to prevalence estimates, 1 out of 11 people in the general public is hearing-impaired. With Singapore’s population of about 5.8 million, there are an estimated 530,000 people who suffer from hearing issues.

Evidence has also shown that uncured hearing loss is a huge national health issue, and many studies have linked hearing loss to other severe health issues such as depression, loss of memory and concentration, and even dementia. For this reason, it is important to get a hearing test in Singapore where a specialist will determine if you need a hearing aid.

Hearing Loss Causes

Sensorineural is a common type of hearing loss that is caused by the damage of the microscopic hair cells in the inner ear. These cells are responsible for converting incoming sound waves into signals that are shuttled to the brain where the signals are interpreted as meaningful sounds.

Aging and prolonged exposure to rip-roaring noises are the most prevalent causes of hearing loss. But diseases, medication and family history of hearing problems can increase the risk as well.

While sensorineural hearing damage is irreversible, the condition can be managed with Phonak hearing aids that selectively amplifies the incoming sounds. Incidents of severe hearing loss can be treated with a cochlear implant that stimulates the auditory nerves.

Hearing loss usually develops as a result of malformation or blockage in the outer or middle ear. But it can also occur as a result of impacted earwax, fluid accumulation in the middle ear due to infection, or as a result of diseases that block sound from getting to the inner ear and brain.

In some cases, individuals can suffer from two types of hearing loss. For instance, age-related hearing loss can be compounded with wax blockages affecting sound conduction to the inner ear and brain. This is why getting a hearing test is vital in determining the best hearing aid for your needs.

Understanding Hearing Aids

The moment the hair cells in the inner ear are damaged, reversing the condition is impossible. In this case, hearing aids are the best solution as they improve your ability to hear by making sounds clear and easy to understand.

Hearing aids feature a microphone that picks up sound, an amplifier that makes the sound louder and a receiver that transmits the sound waves to the ear canal. In advanced digital hearing aids, the microphones transmit sound to a computer chip, which amplifies the sound frequencies required to enhance your hearing.

The ideal hearing aid in Singapore depends on a wide variety of factors such as the severity and type of hearing problem as well as the person’s lifestyle and manual dexterity. Nevertheless, a hearing device that one individual likes might not work for another, even if the devices have the same audiograms.

How to Choose The “Best” Hearing Aids

There isn’t a “best” hearing aid for all. There is however, a best suited hearing aid for each person’s unique needs. Hearing aids are medically prescribed based on a patient’s visual ability, manual dexterity and cognition.

Digital hearing aids are available in five styles and are characterized by where they are worn on the ear. Out of these styles, our top 2 recommendations for hearing aids are the Resound Quattro and the Phonak Marvel.

Resound LINX Quattro

The Resound LINX Quattro is the latest in hearing aid technology, offering an even wider breadth of benefits for users. Not only do the hearing aids offer greater audio experiences for users, it also provides ease of use and durability for long-term use.

Rechargeable Batteries

A struggle many users, and especially the eldery, had with hearing aids is changing the small batteries in these devices. The rechargeability feature makes charging and using these devices extremely convenient for users that are less dextrous, without requiring third party assistance.

Per singular full charge, the Resound Quattro can be used for 30 hours, allowing for worry-free full day use without worry of your device running out of battery. Charging the Resound Quattro is also extremely simple as well, only requiring users to place the hearing aids in the charging box. The charging box itself can charge a pair of hearing aids three times (90 hours’ worth of use) remotely before needing to be recharged.

Bluetooth streaming

The Resound Quattro hearing aid is a Made For iPhone device, and allows you to stream any audio directly from your apple devices, making for clear, high quality listening. Direct audio streaming means greater volume and clarity when taking phone calls, taking out a lot of the stress of deciphering speech as you would with older hearing aid models.

Resound Smart App

A huge part of the convenience the Resound Quattro provides is derived from their supporting Resound Smart App. The application has a straightforward and simple user interface that features clear labels, and controls that are easy to navigate, which is especially helpful for eldery users.

With the Resound Smart App, users can change programs, adjust sounds and save their preferred sound settings for greater ease of use, regardless of their environment. The application even helps users locate their hearing aids of misplaced, and receive updated hearing aid programs and software without having to physically visit a clinic.

Environmental adjustments

A feature that has been highly reviewed by many users is the Resound LINX Quattro’s intuitive awareness of the user’s surroundings. Not only is sound more natural, with users even being able to detect the direction of sound, but the Resound Quattro automatically adjusts to the listening environment. This greatly improves conversations, regardless of a noisy environment or soft speakers.

Phonak Marvel

The Phonak Marvel models have been received extremely positively, with many users attesting to the hearing aid’s stellar features, sound quality, and usability. The Swiss made brand is also known to be durable, and is waterproof for up to 1.5 meters.

Rechargeable Batteries

When designing the Phonak Marvel R hearing aids, Phonak not only took into account battery life, but the overall shelf life of their batteries which lasts approximately 6 years. The rechargeable lithium batteries were designed to provide users with a full day of hearing, even when streaming audio from other devices.

The Phonak Marvel R hearing aids can be easily and quickly charged in their mini charging case when connected to a power outlet via USB cable. This eliminates the hassle of changing small batteries, which can be especially cumbersome for the elderly.

Environmental Adjustments

The Phonak Marvel hearing aids feature AutoSense OS 3.0, an automatic operating system that recognizes different sound environments, and adapts accordingly, and seamlessly. This new operating system gives users an enhanced audio experience and clarity of speech regardless of their changing environments.

Audio Streaming

The Phonak Marvel boasts the ability to connect directly with both iOS and Android systems, allowing you to stream phone calls and any audio you wish up to approximately 30 feet away. You can even get audio phone notifications through your hearing aids for a truly hassle-free experience. With Phonak’s proprietary AirStream technology, users can also stream high-quality audio from any TV or stereo system of their choice when they use the Phonak TV Connector.


Seek Professional Advice Regarding Hearing Aids in Singapore

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all when it comes to hearing aids. The best hearing aid for you has to suit your dexterity, cognitivity and visual ability. That’s why it’s extremely important to get your hearing tested in Singapore, and  seek advice from your hearing care practitioner when deciding what hearing aids to invest in.