myPhonak 6.0.1 app update

Newly built myPhonak app 6.1 based on hearing aid users’ feedback

On 6 July 2022, Phonak released a complete redesign to the myPhonak app. The Phonak research team has been working tiredlessly improve the stability, functionality and battery preservation of the myPhonak app, but continued to receive mixed reviews. Hence, after significant research into the general hearing aid users’ feedback and preferences, the myPhonak app was rebuilt.

Learn about the new myPhonak 6.1 app

You can download the new app via Google Play store (Andriod) or Apple store (IOS)

You can learn all about the app on the Phonak website. The myPhonak user guide also offers a information on instructional use.

New features with the myPhonak 6.1

• An improved user interface with reorganized content to provide easy access to the app’s primary functions
• More stable and faster connection to the hearing aids
• Access to existing functions such as Remote Control, Advanced Remote Control with custom programs, Remote Support, and hearing aid settings
• New health data tracking features such as bilateral wearing time, step tracking, distance traveled, and heart rate tracking enabled when you register for an account with the myPhonak app.

Common issues users may face

Losing pairing of hearing aids to the myPhonak app after the update
The myPhonak app update was designed to retain the hearing aid pairing, and most users do not face this issue. In rare instances where this happens, users will have to re-pair their hearing aids. The pairing screen within the app provides instructions to users on how to re-pair. Video guides on pairing are also available for iOS® and Android™.

Confusion about myPhonak account creation
When opening the app, users are offered to create a myPhonak account. This is to give them access to health data and a safe way to store their information. It is entirely optional. Users may “continue without account” and they will still have access to everything in the myPhonak app except for the new health data tracking features.

Confusion for hearing aid users with visual disability
Some users have expressed difficulty in adopting the new myPhonak app. With the addition of support for Voice Over for iOS® and Talk back for Android™ , those individuals with a visual disability can have their phone read out the text and functions of the app.

“Hearing aid data error”
This can happen occasional to patients who have not had their hearing aid firmware updated in a long time. Do contact your audiologist to check on whether hearing aid updates are available.

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