What is Swimmer’s Ear? (Slideshow)

This week we talk about Swimmer’s Ear, an infection in the outer ear that happens when a person spends a lot of time in any kind of water.

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Slide 1: What is Swimmer’s Ear?
Slide 2: It is infection in the outer ear canal.
Slide 3: It is happens when moisture gets trapped in the ear, allowing bacteria to grow.
Slide 4: Some people develop Swimmer’s Ear after water activities such as: swimming in a pool, beach vacation, enjoying an onsen or taking a bath.
Slide 5: While other people get Swimmer’s Ear after putting Q-tips and small objects in their ears. This causes breaks in the skin and encourages bacteria growth.
Slide 6: Swimmer’s Ear usually starts off mild, (Slight itchiness, redness in ear canal and colorless discharge).
Slide 7: and may progress to become more severe. (Red, swollen outer ear, severe fever & pain, excessive fluid drainage, muffled hearing).
Slide 8: Swimmer’s Ear is treated with different ear drops such as steriod (anti-inflammatory), acidic solution (restore pH balance), antibiotic (fights bacteria) and anti fungal (fights fungus).
Slide 9: Or in more serious conditions, with oral or IV antibiotics.
Slide 10: How can I prevent Swimmer’s Ear?
Slide 11: Avoid scratching your ears or cleaning out earwax on your own.
Slide 12: Avoid swimming in water with high bacterial levels. Check: (1) NEA water quality guidelines, (2) Discharge pipes around the water (3) Water discoloration due to algae scum.
Slide 13: Dry your ears after swimming and bathing by: (1) Tilting your head to the side to help water drain from the ear. (2) Wipe outer ear gently with a soft towel or cloth.
Slide 14: Wear swim plugs to prevent water from entering ears. They come in 3 main foams, customised non-allergic swim plugs (best), silicone flange tip siwm plugs and mouldable putty swim plugs.

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